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ROMCOM RULES! - When Harry Met Sally

Enjoy an evening with ROMCOM in the cinema!

18:30 = Café opens / CASH or MOBILE PAY only! / Tickets are 70 kr. No reservations via mail.
19:30 = “When Harry Met Sally,” directed by Rob Reiner, 1989, 95 minutes 
‘When Harry Met Sally’ isn’t just a romantic comedy – it’s the benchmark by which all subsequent rom-coms have been measured. The film critic Roger Ebert reviewed ‘When Harry Met Sally’ on its release in 1989, calling it “a love story with a form as old as the movies and dialogue as new as this month’s issue of Vanity Fair.” You can see the film’s lineage in old-school titles such as ‘Bringing up Baby’ and ‘It Happened One Night’. The characters are sharply drawn, brilliantly realised – and on screen, the chemistry crackles. A brilliant observational comedy on relationships, and to put it simply, the difference between men and women.


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